Teamspeak Bot

The Teamspeak Bot is a very powerful script that allows you to have more control over YOUR server.

The Features include the listed below on a Web-Based website:

  • Auto Moves clients of specified server groups to specified channels on connection.
  • Server Group Notify sends a message to specified clients, if members of a specified server group connects to TS3 server.
  • Server Group Protection to kick people which are unauthorized member of a protected server group.
  • Bad nickname check to kick people with a bad name from the server.
  • Bad channel name check to delete channels with a bad name.
  • Move idle users to another channel and sends a message.
  • Kick idle users with a kick reason.
  • Send a warning message if someone is idle.
  • Move to a specified channel if client status is away (after some seconds idle), can move back if not away anymore.
  • Move to a specified channel if client status is headphone or microphone muted (after some seconds idle), can move back if not muted anymore.
  • Move recording users to another channel and sends a message
  • Kick recording users from server with a kick reason
  • Send a message every X minutes to virtual server or a special channel
  • Send a welcome message to every connecting client, can send a special welcome message to specified server group members
  • !lastseen chat command to see somebody's last online time.

The Program is Very Userfriendly.

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