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Our reseller panel is based upon TCAdmin Version 2. With that being said we currently only endorse the WHMCS module for TCAdmin Version 2. You can download the tcadmin2_advanced module from our downloads section. Please follow the directions below in setting up your billing API to automate your server sales within our control panel.


  1. Download the tcadmin2_advanced module and upload it via ftp into your whmcs modules/servers/ folder


  1. Log into your WHMCS billing admin portal
  2. Go to Setup > Servers and Add a new server
  3. Enter the Server Name as "TheGameMonsters"
  4. Enter the HostName as "" (Please use the domain/sub-domain that you setup initially)
  5. Use the following for the IP: ""
  6. Under NAMESERVERS/Primary Nameserver IP put the following in:
  7. For Server Details choose Tcadmin2_advanced
  8. The username you want to use is your master account username that you received from us such as "Joe" (it is case sensitive)
  9. The password you want to use is your master account password that you use to login to
  10. Then click Save Changes.


  1. Go to your product such as TeamSpeak 2
  2. Then go to Module Settings
  3. From the dropdown menu choose "TCAdmin 2 Advanced"
  4. Choose the VoiceMonsters server for the default installation
  5. Under Voice ID put either TEAMSPEAK2 or TEAMSPEAK3
  6. You can then choose additional settings from the drop down menu

Once done, save the product and create additional products if purchased. You will need to create a product for TeamSpeak3.

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